Bedroom solutions

Having a hard time getting there with your significant other? Here are some tips to help:

1. Discuss your turn-ons, hang-ups, and bug-a-boos. Your partner can easily avoid turning you off by having the knowledge of your turn-ons and turn-offs.

2. Consider introducing a toy. Maybe more clitoral stimulation is needed- get a vibrator. Maybe you need some anal action- get a butt plug or anal beads. Nipple pinching isn’t enough? Get some nipple clamps. There are so many toys out there- do some online research or check out your local sex shop.

3. Lube! Sometimes you just need lube to smooth out those rough situations. If you are feeling pain- try a lube. If you are having dryness related issues, use lube.

4. Have a relationship talk. Maybe your problems are stemming from a larger issue. Is there something you have not been saying? Has the trust been broken? Are you two right for each other? Sometimes sexual intimacy issues occur because of some emotional or psychological problem. Do some soul searching and see if there is something you need to figure out as an individual or a couple. 








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That last tip is sooooo damn nice and thoughtful.

Some great Sex tips!! “Lovemaking does not have to stop just because you guys both came” ;-)

Love this! That first one though! Nerdy and awesome!!!

First one is killer tho

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The Importance of Cleaner

When using toys in sex play, it is very important to keep it clean. Some materials require more care than others. Using soap or other non-toy cleaner can ruin the toy. Soap can strip the toy of it’s moisture and ruin the top layer of material.

-Silicone is easy to clean, just use a cleaner and wipe off.

-Aluminium is similar to silicone, except that it’s usually not waterproof.

-Glass only needs cleaner.

-Hard Plastics are like Aluminium.

-Soft Plastics, like a jelly material, are HARD to keep clean. I don’t recommend buying jelly plastic toys. Use toy cleaner and really scrub. Let air dry. Monitor for signs of wear.