How to Put on a Condom

  1. Obtain Consent for Sexual Contact
  2. Check Expiration Date
  3. Check for Air Bubble in Closed Package (squeeze to feel that there is pressure in the package)
  4. Carefully Open Wrapper (do not use teeth!)
  5. Determine the Correct Side to Place Over Penis
  6. Slowly Roll Condom from Tip to Base while Pinching Tip Reservoir of Condom (that’s the tip)
  7. Enjoy Sexy Time!
  8. After Completion, Grab Base of Condom while Slowly Removing from Orifice 
  9. Over Trashcan (absolutely not your partner), Remove Condom and Place in Trash (Not the toilet! Can cause plumbing issues!)
  10. Wash Hands

Helpful Hints:

*For added pleasure and condom resilience, place a few drops of lubricant into the inside of the condom before applying to penis*

*Lubricate the outside of the condom for added pleasure and to reduce friction*


*SERIOUSLY- it dramatically increases the likelihood of a condom breaking*

*Remember, consent is key!*

Happy Humpings! <3



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Bedroom solutions

Having a hard time getting there with your significant other? Here are some tips to help:

1. Discuss your turn-ons, hang-ups, and bug-a-boos. Your partner can easily avoid turning you off by having the knowledge of your turn-ons and turn-offs.

2. Consider introducing a toy. Maybe more clitoral stimulation is needed- get a vibrator. Maybe you need some anal action- get a butt plug or anal beads. Nipple pinching isn’t enough? Get some nipple clamps. There are so many toys out there- do some online research or check out your local sex shop.

3. Lube! Sometimes you just need lube to smooth out those rough situations. If you are feeling pain- try a lube. If you are having dryness related issues, use lube.

4. Have a relationship talk. Maybe your problems are stemming from a larger issue. Is there something you have not been saying? Has the trust been broken? Are you two right for each other? Sometimes sexual intimacy issues occur because of some emotional or psychological problem. Do some soul searching and see if there is something you need to figure out as an individual or a couple.